Founder Amy Prenner was becoming the it-girl to call when someone needed maternity leave coverage - and from this unique niche, Stork PR was born. From a stint in 2007 at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” to ABC Family in 2009 to two back-to-back positions at NBC Universal Entertainment in 2010 and 2012, Prenner realized that there was a need to find more qualified individuals to support peers while they are on maternity and paternity leave. With her first baby due this summer, Prenner knows first-hand how finding the right temporary help is key to keeping business fluid.

Prenner is confident that there are many mid-level to senior-level individuals looking for short-term work in agencies, studios and production companies. She is excited to help find more people to fill these one-of-a-kind positions.


Are you a candidate that would like to be considered for placement by Stork PR? Please contact us to see if you are a good fit!